"This EP was born into a world starved of human connection. When I listen to it, I am reminded that a world exists on the other side of this pandemic that includes these tunes, the only difference being that I won't have to imagine the beers on the table or the uncovered smiles of friends."
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"Turkeyfoot is resurrecting the great depressing during a pandemic."
Hazel Hue "Tulip"
Tulip, Hazel Hue’s debut album, is a stunning array of Dunnagan's original songs as well innovative old-time and bluegrass covers. Bridger Dunnagan (fiddle, mandolin, voice) and Alex Koukov (guitar, banjo, voice) weave together a sound that both harkens back to their centuries-old American acoustic roots, and revitalizes the tradition with an array of colorful new tones and textures. Tulip showcases the two artists’ exceptional musicianship, as they seamlessly transition between instruments and synchronize in perfect harmony. Their melancholy tenor voices, poignant lyrics, and instrumental mastery run together like watercolor paints, colliding in a rich sound that stands apart from any other in the bluegrass scene.